Building Lacrosse in Oakland

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The city of Oakland is vibrant, diverse and provides the space and opportunity for an individual to carve their own space and reach their full potential. Close to 400,000 people live in Oakland, yet it is referred to as "The Town" because there is an unmistakable sense of pride and and familiarity that connects its residents.

Oakland Lacrosse aims to create a community that reflects the unique strengths of the city. As a sports based youth development organization Oakland Lacrosse implements a holistic approach that includes leadership development, college and career exploration, academic support, and wellness education. Our holistic approach empowers our players to become healthy, confident, and resilient youth that are able to achieve their education and life goals.

Fund a need:

  • $75 - practice reversible and uniform
  • $160 - Provides Healthy Snacks for 80 players for one practice
  • $250 Pays for one player's participation in our one week summer college and career camp
  • $600 Provide Bus transportation for 40 players for one college visit
  • $1,080 Provides sticks for an entire girls teams
  • $1,600 per player cost for year

Thank you for investing in Oakland Lacrosse.

Oakland Lacrosse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Our federal tax number is 46-1048887.

Oakland Lacrosse Club: 1970 Broadway Suite 920, Oakland, CA 94612